Name: Colton

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Fluid Sexuality.
Ithaca, New York
Ithaca College ('10-'14).
Writer. Smut Peddler. Drag Queen.
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Dear Slash Fiction writers/illustrators,

It has come to my attention that many of you like to have your boys rimming each other, and many of you are female. So let me clear something up for you: not all male male couples rim. In fact, many do not. Many of us men attracted to men are grossed out and turned off by the concept, and cannot stomach the rest of your pics and fics because we’re puking at the thought of a men’s version of two girls one cup happening on accident. Even when male-male couples do rim, it’s not a necessary act of gay sex. Porn is made to please everyone with the most common fetishes, so they would have you think otherwise depending on the company. They are idiots. Note the foot fetish thing. How many people do you think really do that? it’s completely analogous to rimming. So please, at least reduce the rimming in your stories. We make flavoured lube in the real world for a reason, it’s time you’ve added some to your false one.